Sumptuously moisturising and hydrating, AMELIORATE’s face cream is the perfect companion for dry complexions. It offers relief to dehydrated areas while helping to diminish the look of fine lines for a smoother appearance. Packed with a blend of nourishing ingredients, skin will seem shielded from the damaging effects of external aggressors, locking in your radiant glow for longer. Clinically proven to increase your skin’s moisture levels for up to 12 hours, the cream boasts powerful, impressive results.

The cream is created with an LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex, delivering hydration that lasts, making it perfect for giving essential support to skin suffering from sensitivity and dryness. The complex of NME humectants also blends Oat and Milk Proteins together to give your face a coating of soothing goodness. Intracellular lipid booster (Skinflux™) contains Ceramides that work to support your skin’s moisture barrier, locking in hydration to prevent excess moisture loss while Hyaluronic Acid chips in to maintain this water-rich surface. CICA, along with Omega Therapy (Camelina and Oat Oil), offers a touch of calming comfort, ensuring the cream doesn’t aggravate any existing irritation for a sense of harmony across your skin.

AMELIORATE Replenishing Facial Cream 75ml